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Next month, discussions on the H-Amstdy Twitter feed, @H_AMSDTY, will be about a subject near and dear to many of us: higher education. If you haven't checked them out, H-Amstdy Twitter discussions follow a theme for a month and include profiles and interviews of featured scholars. Recent topics have included June Brides and UnFreedom. Right now, we're looking for suggestions: what scholars and activists (and dare I add administrators?) should we talk to regarding the theme of higher education?

@H_AMSDTY Twitter is run by H-Amstdy's Social Media Manager Jaime Hough. You can see Twitter announcement and call for suggestions right here: https://twitter.com/H_AMSTDY/status/891019026411003905 Reply here or directly on Twitter with your ideas.

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My name is Davarian Baldwin and I am currently working on a project (UniverCities) which explores higher education's increased role in shaping urban development. I have an essay based on this work coming out this Monday for Chronicle Review--Chronicle of Higher Education called "The Ivory Tower is Dead." Could it be useful to have a conversation or at least link to this essay when it comes out Monday?

Thank you


Maren Stange

Yes, I am interested in this topic.