New Issue of Common-place Journal Launched: 13 Emerging Scholars on 13 Early American Texts

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In a historical present that feels like a predicament to many Americans, questions about how we got to where we are take on a new urgency. This current moment also features clashes between universities and some subset of the public on an almost weekly basis. This issue of Common-place enters this arena with 13 for 13 – thirteen emerging scholars introduce a publicly accessible pre-1800 text that they find particularly compelling. These texts run the gamut from sex manuals to maps, from denunciations of dancing and sodomy to portrayals of Anglo-American relations as a boxing match between two women. The aim of 13 for 13 is to showcase the riches of early American studies to audiences both academic and popular. We hope that these promising young scholars showcasing their finds from archives available to anyone with access to a computer is ample evidence that the study of the American past has a bright future. 
"13 for 13" has been edited by Jonathan Beecher Field, Clemson University.  Common-place is produced by the American Antiquarian Society.  Editors Anna Mae Duane and Walt Woodward, University of Connecticut.  Published by a partnership of the American Antiquarian Society and the University of Connecticut
Nathan Jérémie-Brink
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