H-Amstdy seeks some help: Trump, Twitter, and More!

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H-Amstdy is seeking a few new people with the skills and interests to revise, revamp, and revitalize the network. In particular…


Editors: Theorizing Trump: Populism, Authoritarianism, Resistance

H-Amstdy will soon launch a new project centered around Donald Trump and the many related topics of immigration, civil rights, power, democracy, social media… Editors are currently collecting various voices of academics thinking about Donald Trump and his campaign, election, policies, and actions through the lens of American Studies. Beyond rants and opinions, we are assembling thoughtful pieces from the web and publications that consider Trump in the context of theory, historicization, or in other ways interrogate the Trump phenomenon within the context of the study of American culture and history.

We seek editors who will join us in the project as we add reviews of relevant books, commission original essays, interview authors, inspire discussion with subscribers. Following editors interests, we will add additional formats that may include podcasts, videos, blogs, virtual roundtables…


Digital Content/Webmaster

H-Amstdy could use a facelift. We’d like to find one or two people willing to focus on H-Amstdy’s appearance, usability, and organization. Some facility with graphic design would be a definite plus. It would also be helpful for this person to be fairly tech-comfy, if not tech-savvy. You don't need to be a pro at any of this, but capable. As an editor this person would also be able to work on other projects on H-Amstdy.


Social Media Manager

We’d love to find someone willing to manage and perhaps expand H-Amstdy’s presence in social media outlets. At this moment, this would be our Twitter account but we are open to spreading our wings if someone is willing. At a minimum, this person would tweet H-Amstdy’s announcements, CFP’s, and other posts, making savvy use of hashtags and @'s.

We’d welcome someone prepared to use the H-Amstdy social media presence in innovative ways. These may include as a forum for new content, participating in online discussion in the field, coordinating live tweeting of conferences or other events. Other ideas might include sharing the Twitter account with American Studies departments or grad student organizations for a week at a time, using the feed to post supplemental material to conference presentations, crowd-sourcing, etc. 


Editors: New Projects

H-Net produces an expanding library of original podcasts, photo essays, will soon be announcing its first peer review journal, and is continuously enhancing its capabilities to produce new digital humanities projects. Recent new projects on H-Net include The Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project  on H-Kentucky, the World War I Timeline and The H-Net Book Channel.

H-Amstdy seeks new editors with ideas for original online projects. We’re interested in area expertise over web wizardry: H-Net provides training and support so you can focus on content you’d like to deliver. Ideas can include on going blogs or podcasts, one-off roundtable discussions, videos, interview projects. We’re open to your ideas.

If you’re interested in any of the above or have questions, please let us know at editorial-amstdy@mail.h-net.msu.edu


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