Early American Studies Summer 2016 Table of Contents

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Below is the table of contents for the Summer 2016 issue of Early American Studies, a journal published by the University of Pennsylvania.

"'The happy effects of these waters': Colonial American Mineral Spas and the British Civilizing Mission" by Vaughn Scribner

"America in Ruins: Cooper, Child, and the Problem of the National House" by Halina A. Adams

"Rediscovering Native North America: Settlements, Maps and Empires in the Eastern Woodlands" by Chad Anderson

"The Effect of Military Service on Indian Communities in Southern New England, 1740–1763" by Brian D. Carroll

"Women, Property, and the Law in the Anglo-American World, 1630–1700" by Lindsay R. Moore

"Jefferson's Legacy, Race Science, and Righteous Violence in Jabez Hammond's Abolitionist Fiction" by Nicholas P. Wood

"'I Thought They Were Worthy': A Dutch Reformed Church Minister and His Congregation Debate African American Membership in the Church" by Andrea C. Mosterman