H-Net This Week (Roundup from around the Commons for the week of September 28 - October 4, 2018)

Last Week's RoundupSeptember 28 - October 4, 2018
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Network News

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Network Publications


  • Essay on The Impossible Presidency: The Rise and Fall of America’s Highest Office
  • Roundtable on US-Singapore Relations, 1965-1975: Strategic Non-Alignment in the Cold War
  • Article review of "Political Famines in the USSR and China: A Comparative Analysis"
  • ISSF Policy Series on The Unprecedented President: Donald Trump and the Media in Historical Perspective

H-Nutrition shares new entry in What Should I Eat? Why? series, Meat Your Friends


H-Podcast shares article on podcast formats, invites discussion from podcast producers


H-Business seeks references to wages and productivity research

H-SHERA seeks Kino-Fot editions in Europe for exhibition

Research Resources

H-Sport updates Publisher Project for sports monographs and edited volumes

H-HistBibl shares announcement about 4,240 new digital archives from Library of Congress

H-HistBibl shares article on manuscript study in digital spaces

Teaching Resources

H-Japan shares Meiji at 150 digital teaching resource


H-War shares new Handgrenade of the Month post: What IS applied Military History?

H-Kentucky KY Woman Suffrage blog shares 1887 speech on woman suffrage

H-Diplo shares National Security Archive post on Clinton-Yeltsin relationship

H-DC shares blog post on Washington's neighborhoods

H-Canada shares Borealia blog post disputing seigneurial system

News & Publication Roundups

H-Nationalism's Weekend Reading

H-Democracy's Weekly Five

H-Afro-Am's news items of interest

H-ANZAU's recent publications on Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia, and Oceania

H-War's Military History Digest

H-Luso-Africa's recent publications on Lusophone Africa


H-Canada shares Champlain Society Podcast episode about "Tory" historian Donald Creighton

H-Podcast shares link to new podcast Historically Thinking on collecting and telling history

H-Histsex shares latest Sexing History episode about hidden queer history of American Bandstand


H-AfrArts remembers Mary Nooter Roberts, scholar of African art and culture


H-HOAC shares new Go Fund Me campaign to digitize FBI records

H-Net Reviews

H-Socialisms: Titus Firmin reviews Moral Injury and Nonviolent Resistance: Breaking the Cycle of Violence in the Military and Behind Bars

H-War: Paige P. Cone reviews Atomic Anxiety: Deterrence, Taboo and the Non-Use of U.S. Nuclear Weapons

H-War: Curtis Foxley reviews Last of the Glow Worms: Memoir of a Nuclear Weapons Technician at the End of the Cold War

H-War: Mara Kozelsky reviews Crimea: A History

H-Midwest: Chelsea Giffis reviews Woman Suffrage and Citizenship in the Midwest, 1870-1920

H-Ideas: Julian Carter reviews The Hirschfeld Archives: Violence, Death, and Modern Queer Culture

H-Diplo: Karen Flynn reviews Empire in the Air: Airline Travel and the African Diaspora

H-Asia: Sam Vong reviews Becoming Refugee American: The Politics of Rescue in Little Saigon

H-Diplo: Jennifer Mittelstadt reviews Fortress America: How We Embraced Fear and Abandoned Democracy

H-Disability: Shu Wan reviews Curative Violence: Rehabilitating Disability, Gender, and Sexuality in Modern Korea

H-Disability: Pamela L. Dale reviews Disability in the Industrial Revolution: Physical Impairment in British Coalmining, 1780-1880

H-Disability: Anna Derksen reviews Sister and Brother: A Family Story

H-Disability: Michael Murphy reviews Madhouse: Psychiatry and Politics in Cuban History

H-LatAm: David Tavárez reviews Indigenous Elites and Creole Identity in Colonial Mexico, 1500-1800

H-LatAm: Gabrielle Greenlee reviews Embodying the Sacred: Women Mystics in Seventeenth-Century Lima

H-Black-Europe: Eddie Chambers reviews Blackness in Britain

H-Urban: Virginie Rey reviews Istanbul Open City: Exhibiting Anxieties of Urban Modernity

H-Net Commons Top Hits:

Most Viewed Page: H-Slavery's topical guide on capitalism and slavery in the U.S. by Stephen R. Leccese

Top Discussion: H-Diplo's review essay on Jeremi Suri's The Impossible Presidency: The Rise and Fall of America's Highest Office by Richard Aldous

Top Review: Cutis Foxley's review of Last of the Glow Worms: Memoir of a Nuclear Weapons Technician at the End of the Cold War for H-War

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