H-Net This Week (Roundup from around the Commons for the week of August 31 - September 6, 2018)

Last Week's Roundup August 31 - September 6, 2018
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Network News

H-Italy calls for network editorsreview editors and reviewers

H-Judaic seeks book reviewers

Network Publications


  • Roundtable review of Gorbachev. His Life and Times.
  • Article review of “Communism and Human Rights in Pinochet’s Chile: The 1977 Hunger Strike against Forced Disappearance”
  • Review essay on Schlesinger: The Imperial Historian


H-SHGAPE Question of the Week on queering GAPE studies

H-Judaic suggests scholarship on interactions of African Americans and Jews

H-Judaic discusses new Hebrew dictionary of philosophical terms

H-Judaic continues to discuss sources for ancient Egyptian headgear totafot

H-Judaic picks up discussion of insanity and gender in modern Jewish fiction

H-Scholar shares articles on German "fake science factory"

H-Slavery shares articles on American Reconstruction, women's suffrage, and electoral violence


H-Sci-Med-Tech seeks advice for recent grad on PhD programs in history of medicine

H-Turk query about visiting recently opened Turkish Foreign Ministry's diplomatic archives

Research Resources

H-Judaic updated list of digitized Jewish historical newspapers, periodicals, and journals

H-Buddhism shares update report for Buddhist dictionary

News & Publication Roundups

H-Afro-Am's news items of interest

H-Democracy's Weekly Five Democracy in the News

H-Nationalism's Weekend Reading

H-Eugenics' eugenics publications


H-Asia shares latest episode of Online Gods podcast: Critiques of the Public Sphere and Fake News Busting


H-Japan remembers Hugh Cortazzi, diplomat, businessman, and author

H-Net Reviews

H-War: R. Thomas Bobal reviews Envisioning the Arab Future: Modernization in U.S.-Arab relations, 1945-1967

H-War: Keith Altavilla reviews Correspondence of Major General Emory Upton, Vol. 1, 1857-1875 and Correspondence of Major General Emory Upton, Vol. 2, 1875-1881

H-War: Douglas Peifer reviews Over the Horizon: Time, Uncertainty, and the Rise of Great Powers

H-Diplo: Douglas Rivero reviews Ideas and American Foreign Policy: A Reader

H-Disability: Shubhangi G. Mehrotra reviews Interrogating Disability in India: Theory and Practice

H-Diplo: Steven L. Lamy reviews Forging the World: Strategic Narratives and International Relations

H-Judaic: Matthew A. Kraus reviews In Search of the Promised Land?: The Hasmonean Dynasty between Biblical Models and Hellenistic Diplomacy

H-FedHist: Mark Elliott reviews Jefferson, Lincoln, and the Unfinished Work of the Nation

H-FedHist: Megan Lange reviews Abraham Lincoln and Mexico: A History of Courage, Intrigue and Unlikely Friendships

H-Citizenship: Uriel Serrano reviews First Strike: Educational Enclosures in Black Los Angeles

H-Pennsylvania: Kate Lukaszewicz reviews Smoketown: The Untold Story of the Other Great Black Renaissance

H-Buddhism: Alex McKay reviews Mapping Shangrila: Contested Landscapes in the Sino-Tibetan Borderlands

H-LatAm: Paul Rellstab reviews Before Mestizaje: The Frontiers of Race and Caste in Colonial Mexico

H-SHERA: Maria Silina reviews Nazi Exhibition Design and Modernism

H-LatAm: John R. McNeill reviews A City on a Lake: Urban Political Ecology and the Growth of Mexico City

H-Albion: Zachary W. Schulz reviews Faith, Place and People in Early Modern England: Essays in Honour of Margaret Spufford

Habsburg: Alexey Miller reviews Nationalism in Modern Europe: Politics, Identity, and Belonging since the French Revolution

H-Net Commons Top Hits:

Most Viewed Page: H-PCAACA's roundup of pop culture journals and websites

Top Discussion: H-Diplo's roundtable review of William Taubman's Gorbachev. His Life and Times.

Top Review: Douglas Rivero's review of Ideas and American Foreign Policy: A Reader for H-Diplo

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