H-Labor-Arts Call for Project Proposals

H-Labor-Arts is currently seeking subscribers interested in writing in our new guest blogger project that focuses on discourses on labor including the arts, cultural and creative industries. Blog articles should be no longer than 1,000 words with strong scholarly writing and should employ effective use of evidence, objectivity, careful citation and the presence of a bibliography.

Special Project: We also have an opportunity for submissions on a new project entitled "Jacob Lawrence: Working Bodies" which focuses on his paintings on migration, work, family and leisure. Perhaps you have an idea on how this could be developed futher.

Join us and take an active role in developing new, open-access online materials and resources within the field. Email us at h.labor.arts@gmail.com - cv or resume, no more than a 250 word proposal idea relating to cultural and artistic heritages of working people, and when you anticipate sending your first draft. For submission guidleines please visit this link.