The Spanish Civil War (Virtual Tours)

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Upcoming tours (London time)

-Monday 18 January at 1000: Museum in a suitcase: the Spanish Civil War through 30 original museum objects in our collection

-Tuesday 19 January at 1800: SCW and sport: The People’s Olympiad, football and boxing

-Saturday 30 January at 1700: El Raval

-Monday 25 January at 1000: George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia

-Tuesday 26 January at 1800: Marina Ginestà, Ramon Mercader, Juan Guzmán: three crossed lives (NEW) Story of Marina Gnestà, famously depicted on the Hotel Colon in July 1936, Ramon Mercader, the man who murdered Trotsky and German-born photographer Juan Guzmán.

-Monday 1 February at 1000:: Life in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War (coup, bombing, survival, defeat)

.Tuesday 2 February at 1800: The Battle of the Ebro

-Monday 8 February at 1000:: Gernika the atrocity, Guernica the painting

Tuesday 9 February at 1800: Photographers and photography in the Spanish Civil War (NEW) This was the first war to be covered by a corps of professional and often brilliant photographers (Capa, Taro, Centelles, Seymour, etc)

-Monday 15 February at 1000:: Franco’s Spain: Victors and Vanquished

-Tuesday 16 February at 1800: The International Brigades

-Saturday 20  February at 1700: Working class history and Civil War in my neighbourhood of Poble-sec and Montjuïc

-Monday 22 February at 1000:: The Republican exile (including WW2 and Nazi camps).

-Tuesday 23 February at 1800: The tragic story of Francesc Boix  (NEW) The Photographer of Mauthausen. As many of you’ll know, the story of Boix was what set me off my interest in the Civil War, but I’ve never had the opportunity to tell his story over a full two hours.


  • Booking: email to book.
  • Guide: Nick Lloyd
  • Length: 2 hours
  • Cost: 15 euros (except for Iberian road trip and History of Barcelona – see above)
  • Interactive: ability to ask questions at frequent points during the talk.
  • Rarely seen photos and images
  • Use of original and unique objects from the war from the collection of the Walking Museum of the Spanish Civil War
  • Google street view incorporated
  • Private or school groups are also possible.
  • Recently featured in The i newspaper.
List of current virtual tours

(see end for more in preparation)

  1. -Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia. Running
  2. -The International Brigades. Running
  3. -The Republican exile. Running
  4. -Working class history and Civil War in Poble-sec and Montjuïc. Running
  5. -Gernika the atrocity, Guernica the painting Running
  6. Iberian Road trip (5 sessions – see above). Running
  7. -Life in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War. Running
  8. -Museum in a suitcase: the Spanish Civil War through 30 original museum objects in our collection. Running
  9. -People’s Olympiad and football during the Spanish Civil War. Running
  10. -Battle of the Ebro  Running
  11. -The Raval   Running
  12.  A history of Barcelona from the Romans to today (3 sessions). Running
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