Fighting Fascist Spain: The Exhibit Worker Antifascist Culture in US Spanish-language Periodicals

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Fighting Fascist Spain: The Exhibit intends to recover, preserve, and make available US. Hispanic people's antifascist visual culture. As physical objects, images in US Spanish-language periodicals are fragile. This digital collection will document grassroots local and global networks of political protest and solidarity. Visual sources comprise but are not limited to three areas of research.​

  • Extraordinary Communities: announcements and photographs of rallies and demonstrations, photographs and obituaries of demonstrators.

  • Antifascist Stage: announcements of cultural fundraisers and the antifascist plays, and photographs and obituaries of participants.

  • Cartoons: drawings, photographs, and obituaries of artists.

Fighting Fascist Spain: The Exhibit intends to support antifascist researchers, descendants, and the general interested public in their efforts to:​

  • recover information on victims of fascism and their allies,

  • rebuild broken family stories, 

  • uplift the victims' voices and perspectives.


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