Resources for H-JewishRhetorics

The H-JewishRhetorics network is part of a larger, multimedia effort of Klal Rhetorica, an international community of scholars working in the overlapping areas of Rhetoric and Jewish Studies. Scholars from all disciplines are welcome to share work, develop new approaches, and collaborate on research and pedagogy related to the study of Jewish identity, discourse, and culture.

Klal Rhetorica was initially formed in the summer of 2007, following the first Workshop on Rhetoric and Jewish Studies at the Rhetoric Society of America’s (RSA) Summer Institute at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In addition to organizing panels and conducting meetings and workshops at such field conferences as the RSA, the Association of Jewish Studies (AJS), National Communication Association (NCA), College Conference on Composition and Communication (CCCC),  we aim to further the scholarly development of Jewish Rhetoric, Communication, and Composition studies by providing a forum for scholars to interact with another. We aim to increase discussion and interaction across disciplinary boundaries.  We are an Affiliate organization of the Rhetoric Society of America.

American Society for the History of Rhetoric
Association of Jewish Studies
Conference on College Composition and Communication
International Society for the History of Rhetoric
Latin American Rhetoric Society
Modern Language Association
National Communications Association
Rhetoric Society of America

Argumentation and Advocacy
College English
Jewish Social Studies (journal)
Journal of Jewish Identity (JOJI) (could only find the MUSE link)
Kairos (A Journal of Rhetoric, Culture, and Pedagogy)
Rhetoric Review
Rhetoric and Public Affairs
Rhetoric Society Quarterly
Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies