Resource: The international business correspondence of L. Kniffler & Co. (1859-1876)

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the German trading company L. Kniffler & Co. was founded in Nagasaki in 1859. Renamed C. Illies & Co. in 1880, it has been active in trade between Europe and Asia until today and can thus look back on an exceptionally long tradition.
From the early years of the company, the so-called "Kniffler period“ (1859-1880), 156 business letters have been preserved in the company archives of C. Illies & Co. (Hamburg). Now they have been published in the form of a digital edition, which may be of interest to researchers in the history of European trade with Asia in the 19th century.
The edition contains:
- transcriptions of the letters
- English translations of the German letters
- facsimiles
- annotations
- explanatory notes (German/English) on the history of the company and the sources
The edition is searchable by keywords (names of persons, companies, places, goods, etc.). 
A company history of C. Illies & Co. was published in 2009. 
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Katja Schmidtpott
Prof. Dr. Katja Schmidtpott
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