Event Series: Financial History Network 2021-22 Webinar Series Program

PJ Neal Discussion

The Financial History Network is pleased to announce the program of its 2021-2022 webinar series. We have an outstanding lineup of presenters and look forward to our future discussions.

The Financial History Network’s webinar sessions take place via Zoom on Mondays at 11 am U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST). Sessions are recorded for publication on the network’s YouTube channel [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiW_2hQSUvc6HmDSCvK7Cbg]. 

Please fill in this form [https://forms.gle/P2PMCQV36nU7DUhi8] if you want to receive the discussed papers, reminders of our sessions, and follow-up discussions of the issues raised during the webinar sessions. Please visit the webinar series program [https://financialhistorynetwork.wordpress.com/webinar-series/] to register for each session.


October 18, 2021

Shanghai Panic: China’s First Big Debt Crisis

Bill Kelson, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Georgia


November 15, 2021

Business Among Friends: Personal Connections and Client-Sharing in Merchant Banking, c. 1900

Aurelius Noble, Ph.D. Candidate, London School of Economics and Political Science


December 13, 2021

Modernizing Elites in Latin America: Social-Network Evidence from the Emergence of Banking in Antioquia

Javier Mejía, Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University


February 14, 2022

A Capital Mistake? Credit Lines and Capital Supply. The VOC and Capital Market Integration within Asia around 1700

Alberto Feenstra, Assistant Professor, Leiden University


March 14, 2022

A Gold Battle? Revisiting the History of De Gaulle vs Dollar Hegemony During the Bretton Woods Era

Maylis Avaro, Swiss National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, Rutgers University


April 11, 2022

How Banks Win: Financing Trade and the Federal Reserve Act

Mary Bridges, Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University


May 23, 2022


Paula Vedoveli, Assistant Professor of History, Fundação Getulio Vargas


June 13, 2022

Keynote Talk: The Second Bank of the United States: “Central Banker” in an Era of Nation-Building

Jane Knodell, Mark J. Zwynenburg Green and Gold Professor of Financial History, University of Vermont


Financial History Network Conveners

Manuel A. Bautista-González (Columbia University in the City of New York, United States)

Sergio Castellanos Gamboa (Bangor University, United Kingdom)

Miguel A. López Morell (Universidad de Murcia, Spain)

Paula Vedoveli (Fundação Getulio Vargas, Brazil)