The Executive Summary - 6/21 - 6/25

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A weekly feature with a roundup of articles and other materials of interest to scholars of business and economic history.

Top of my list this week is this six-episode series on the history of coffee. A collaboration between podcaster James Harper and historian Jonathan Morris, the episodes recount a global history of coffee from its origins in Ethiopia and Yemen through to the specialty coffee revolution and the prospects for coffee’s future. A bonus episode explores how colonialism shaped coffee, and what, exactly, a decolonized cup of coffee might look like.

If you're not much of a coffee drinker, here's a recommended blend of reading and/or listening for this weekend:

Dr. Marcelo Bucheli talks about his experience conducting research in the Chiquita archives. (Inquire Capitalism podcast)

A day in the life of a TikTok talent manager. (Marketplace)

Finally, we learn the story behind the baffling steakhouse name "Ruth's Chris." (Business Insider)

An argument for a global history of the limited liability corporation. (The Economic Historian blog)

Dr. Alexia Yates talks about her new book, Real Estate and Global Urban History - also, the book is open access for the next two weeks!

Coming in 2023: Shennette Garrett-Scott's next book, Prophets of Black Capitalism will be published by W.W. Norton. Congratulations, Dr. Garrett-Scott!

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