The Executive Summary - 2/22 - 2/26

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A weekly feature with a roundup of articles and other materials of interest to scholars of business and economic history.

I'll give you the bad news first: Apparently, only 2.3% of VC-funded startups founded in 2020 were led by women. [Harvard Business Review]

Now for some good news: here's a story of 5 Black businesses that are surviving and thriving in the midst of a pandemic.

And a grab bag of articles:

Black Canadian railway porters and their fight for fair wages and a safe working environment.

Why we can (at least partially) blame Enron for the deregulation of Texas' energy markets.

Speaking of deregulation, Jessica Levy recently talked to Rebecca Marchiel on redlining and urban reinvestment for the latest episode of "Who Makes Cents?"

Some hypotheses for the COVID-19 pandemic might transform U.S. fisheries and the seafood supply chain.

Business historians weigh in on whether there is a Bitcoin 'bubble,' or (maybe just a Ponzi scheme?).

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