The Executive Summary - 2/15 - 2/19

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A weekly feature with a roundup of articles and other materials of interest to scholars of business and economic history.

Some upcoming talks of note:

On Feb. 26, Philip Thai will give a talk, entitled "Vice City: Hong Kong in the Anglo-American War on Drugs, 1970 – 1979," for the Chinese Business History Webinar.

On Feb. 22 (that's this Monday), Marc Levinson is giving a talk on Outside the Box: How Globalization Changed from Moving Stuff to Spreading Ideas, for the Wilson Center. More information and registration here.

In case you miss the talk, or just want more economic history in your life, I spoke with Marc for the latest episode of the Executive Summary - on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. (still working out some technical issues with Stitcher)

In case you need even more globalization content...

Here's a great Q&A with Stefan Link and Noam Maggor on their recent article  “The United States as a Developing Nation: Revisiting the Peculiarities of American History." (the Economic Historian)

And an interview with Yuen Yuen Ang, on whether China is experiencing its own Gilded Age.

As always, send suggestions, leads, and other ideas for this section to Associate Editor Ashton Merck (@awmerck).