HKIHSS Chinese Business History Webinar Spring Semester 2021 Programme

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The Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Hong Kong is happy to announce the programme of the Chinese Business History Webinar series for the spring semester 2021. Webinars take place on Fridays at 9am Hong Kong Time (Thursday, 8pm EST) on Zoom.

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29 January

Thomas DuBois

(Beijing Normal University)

"Milk From the Butterfly Spring: State and Enterprise in the Yunnan Dairy Industry"


26 February

Philip Thai

(Northeastern University)

"Vice City: Hong Kong in the Anglo-American War on Drugs, 1970-1979"


26 March

Yuan Yi

(Columbia University)

"Industrial Craft: A Global History of Chinese Cotton Mills, 1887-1937"


23 April

C. Pat Giersch

(Wellesley College)

"Corporate Conquests: Business, The State, and The Origins of Ethnic Inequality in Southwest China"


21 May

Wang Luman

(University of Massachusetts, Boston)

"Chinese Hinterland Capitalism and Shanxi Piaohao: Banking, State, and Family, 1720-1910"


18 June

Zeng Zhaojin

(Duke Kunshan University)

"Factories and China’s Special Century"


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