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This is an opportunity to learn sources used in business and some cool library tools.  Come join a crowdsourced movement called the ZombieList.

The ZombieList will track the status and format of core business reference titles, as well as if the source was ceased, sold, or reincarnated.  Based on core bibliographies listed here.

Ultimately, I see librarians, researchers, archivists, and historians cultivating a culture of awareness when managing heritage collections of business sources by knowing the titles, identifying where preservation copies of those titles reside and working with monographs to born-digital sources.  Once captured, historians can use the ZombieList as a tool where they can track a topic in time even when the source had changed name or format.  It all starts with capturing the core business titles and divulging their status using the ZombieList.

Please share this with interested parties: archivist, scholars, historians, librarians, etc.

If you are interested to see what it looks like so far (up until August 25, 2019), go to

Thank you for your consideration it should be fun and informative.  If interested, we can set up a one-on-one consultation to cover questions and best practices.  Or you can just get started and use the ZombieListFAQ

 1) To do this you will have to download Zotero at  I’m open to other CMS, but it will have to go into Zotero. Email me so I can add you to the Zotero group ZombieList.

2) Choose which chapter and/or topic you want to claim only those cells with * need you (no more than 3 per cell) from this Sheet

3) Get a copy of the primary source you chose.  If you don’t have one of the business bibliography titles, I suggest you use ILL as these are widely held.

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