International Journal of Technology Management & Sustainable Development 17.3 with FREE editorial is now available

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Intellect is happy to announce that the International Journal of Technology Management & Sustainable Development 17.3 is now available. This is a special issue entitled, 'Universities in the Innovation Triad,' and the editorial can be accessed for FREE here:

Aims & scope:
This peer-reviewed journal explores policy issues arising from the relationship between technology and development. It promotes discussion of topics in the context of globalization trends, environmental sustainability and world poverty and explores social, economic, and environmental conditions in relation to shifts in technology and market paradigms.

Issue 17.3:
Editorial:  Special Issue: Universities in the Innovation Triad
Surja Datta and Sola Adesola

‘Value-in’ partnership: Common ground and difference in university knowledge transfer policy and research
Nicolette Michels

Challenges of transformation of research data into open data: The perspective of social sciences and humanities
Aleksei Kelli, Tõnis Mets, Kadri Vider, Age Värv, Lars Jonsson, Krister Lindén and Ramunas Birštonas

Are there specific factors that increase the possibility of success for university spin-off companies? A longitudinal study of 50 companies over nineteen years
Lars Jonsson, Mateo Santurio and Patrick Micucci

Entrepreneurship education: Understanding the failure of the entrepreneurial act for learners
Manel Toumi and Ali Smida

Conceptualizing university-industry linkages in resource-constrained environments 

Surja Datta and Samah Souleh

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