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Journal of Energy History / Revue d'histoire de l'énergie


Section ‘Energy Sources: new collections and heritage’




The Journal of Energy History is a new online academic journal, the first dedicated entirely to energy history. It will debut in 2018 in English and French.


We are looking for contributions for the column ‘Energy Sources: new collections and heritage’, which explores primary resources and collections dedicated to energy. Contributions shall come in the form of short papers, between 3000 words (20,000 characters) and 6000 words (40,000 characters).


Papers can focus on any aspect of primary sources and methodologies for the study of energy in a historical perspective. Examples of topics are (without being restricted to):


- Presentation of archives or collections related to energy (from companies’ archives to government energy departments, NGOs, think tanks, oral history collections, etc)

- Presentation of art works (in any form) dedicated to energy

- Description of quantitative dataset on energy with a historical component (consumption, production, etc.) or presentation of projects dedicated to the gathering of data on energy

- Presentation of methodologies for energy studies in a historical framework, from any discipline of social science

- Critique of the methodologies adopted for the production of knowledge in energy studies, whether past or contemporary

- Assessment of the methodologies adopted in published studies on energy history

- Description of endangered, preserved, and reconverted industrial facilities that are or could be incorporated in the architectural heritage of an area

-  Analysis of how energy heritage can help to understand the present and past relations between societies and energy structures


The deadline to submit the contributions is the 31st December 2017 for papers in English, and the 30th November 2017 for papers in French (the latter will have to be translated into English by the sake of the editors of the journal). Papers should be submitted directly to the editor of the column, Marta Musso ( Potential contributors are welcome to discuss their ideas with Dr Musso before the final submission of the papers


Journal presentation


The Journal of Energy History / Revue d’histoire de l’énergie is the first academic journal entirely dedicated to energy history, in all its declinations.


Energy is at the heart of the questions concerning human development. In recent years, with climate change and the globalised energy shifts occurring on a global level, energy-related issues have been perceived as more and more complex, universal, and urgent. For these reasons, it is important to promote the analysis of energy studies in a historical perspective, whether adopting a social, politic, economic, or strictly scientific point of view. Energy history is a discipline that provides an important framework of analysis to understand societies, the natural world, and their interactions.


The Journal of Energy History / Revue d’histoire de l’énergie invites scholars to overcome a compartmentalized approach to the different problems around energy, and to adopt a long-term analytical perspective. The Journal will open a new editorial space to unfold the potential of historical research in energy studies in social, political, economic, technical and cultural contexts.

The Journal will focus particularly on the period from the 18th Century to the present, in which energy has been theorised in its modern meaning as well as being produced and consumed on a scale previously unknown; however, it will welcome papers on any historical period, especially those with a long-durée approach.

The Journal of Energy History / Revue d’histoire de l’énergie is peer-reviewed and open access; while rigorously academic, it will appeal to a wider audience with an interest in energy issues. It will be published online twice a year (February and July) from 2018 onwards, and it will be bilingual, in French and English. Papers will be accepted in either English or French.

Editorial board: Alain Beltran (Editor in chief), Céline Berrier-Lucas, Léonard Laborie, Renan Viguié



The Journal of Energy History / Revue d’histoire de l’énergie.

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Section ‘Energy Sources: new collections and heritage’: