Book: Dictionnaire historique de la sidérurgie française

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Dear colleagues,

On behalf of my colleagues Philippe Mioche, Ivan Kharaba and Pascal Raggi, I am pleased to announce the publication of the Dictionnaire historique de la sidérurgie française.

Published by the Presses Universitaires de Provence, this work contains 280 entries written by nearly 120 French and Foreign authors. 

Eric Godelier

[Description from the editor]

The Dictionary of the French Iron and Steel Industry is a reference work for understanding the greatness and demise of a historic industry.

It offers convenient access to the different aspects of this singular industry. Thanks to 280 notes written by recognized specialists in the steel industry - Scholars, Engineers, Academics - it contributes to a better understanding of the past and present characteristics of a sector of activity that is still powerful although less visible on French territory. Sometimes unknown, the Steel Industry will be less so after reading this Book. From the Men to the Work Processes, through the Economy, Geography, History, Innovation, Myths and Legends,Products, Representations and Factories, this Book offers a synthesis of research and knowledge on what constitutes the National Steel national Industry and its History. Its alphabetical entries and numerous illustrations make it an effective working tool for those who wish to understand an Industry whose core business, and project, is the creation of the most common Materials to the most complex Metal Alloys, all fundamental objects for contemporary Human Societies.

The Dictionary of the French Iron and Steel Industry sheds a welcome kaleidoscopic light on an industrial activity that is old but in perpetual change. Pleasant and scholarly, this book allows us to discover or rediscover a heavy industry with a light touch

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Philippe Mioche, Professor emeritus in contemporary history, University of Aix Marseille, TELEMMe 7303 laboratory

Éric Godelier, Professor of business history at École Polytechnique

Ivan Kharaba, Director of the François Bourdon Academy

Pascal Raggi, lecturer in contemporary history, University of Lorraine, laboratory CRULH

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