Recordings: Latest Episodes From the New Books Network Business & Economic History Channel

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Latest episodes from the New Books Network Business & Economic History channel, available here:

  • The Problem with Museums
  • Buy Now: How Amazon Branded Convenience and Normalized Monopoly
  • Collaborative Damage: An Experimental Ethnography of Chinese Globalization
  • The Seventh Member State: Algeria, France, and the European Community
  • Straits: Beyond the Myth of Magellan
  • A Bowl for a Coin: A Commodity History of Japanese Tea
  • The Long Land War: The Global Struggle for Occupancy Rights
  • An Uneasy Embrace: Africa, India and the Spectre of Race
  • Underdevelopment and African Literature: Emerging Forms of Reading
  • Building the Population Bomb
  • Media Disrupted: Surviving Pirates, Cannibals, and Streaming Wars
  • Fight Like Hell: The Untold History of American Labor
  • Red Silk: Class, Gender, and Revolution in China's Yangzi Delta Silk Industry
  • The Spirit of French Capitalism: Economic Theology in the Age of Enlightenment
  • Rivers of the Sultan: The Tigris and Euphrates in the Ottoman Empire
  • A Brief History of Equality
  • Beyond Liberal Order: States, Societies and Markets in the Global Indian Ocean
  • The Bond King: How One Man Made a Market, Built an Empire, and Lost It All
  • Breaking Things at Work: The Luddites Were Right About Why You Hate Your Job
  • Belonging and Betrayal: How Jews Made the Art World Modern
  • Debt
  • World War II in Southeast Asia: Economy and Society under Japanese Occupation
  • How China Escaped Shock Therapy: The Market Reform Debate
  • Black Earth, White Bread: A Technopolitical History of Russian Agriculture and Food
  • The World Computer: Derivative Conditions of Racial Capitalism
  • Feeding Fascism: The Politics of Women's Food Work
  • Subprime Attention Crisis: Advertising and the Time Bomb at the Heart of the Internet
  • Wasteland with Words: A Social History of Iceland
  • Agents of Reform: Child Labor and the Origins of the Welfare State
  • Fixing Social Security: The Politics of Reform in a Polarized Age
  • Indefensible: Seven Myths that Sustain the Global Arms Trade
  • Engineering Expansion: The U.S. Army and Economic Development, 1787-1860
  • One Road to Riches?: How State Building and Democratization Affect Economic Development
  • Necessarily Global: How the Pandemic Forces Us To Think Bigger
  • The Rise and Fall of the Neoliberal Order: America and the World in the Free Market Era


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