Call for Papers-Special Issue, Business History "Business and Finance in Latin America: From the Oil Shock to the Debt Crisis"

Since the 2008-9 financial crisis, Latin America has experienced a period of sluggish economic activity and increasing levels of external debt. In a world of low interest rates, the liquidity injected into the US and European banking systems flew over into Latin American economies as global demand dropped and commodities prices crashed downwards.

Hagley History Hangout/New Episode Available!

New episode is available in the Hagley History Hangout—In this episode, Gregory Hargreaves interviews Zachary Mann about his dissertation project “The Punch Card Imagination: Authorship & Early Computing History.”  In support of his project, Mann, a PhD candidate in English literature at the University of Southern California, received an exploratory grant the Hagley Center for the History of Business, Technology, & Society. In “The Punch Card Imagination,” Mann reconsiders the development of punch card computing technology through the lens of contemporary literature.


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