The Zoryan Insitute Launches New Dispersion Podcast on Topics Related to Diaspora Studies

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The Zoryan Institute is pleased to announce the release of a brand new podcast titled Dispersion. This podcast navigates questions around home, identity and belonging through storytelling.

Having published its academic journal in the field of diaspora studies for 30 years, the Zoryan Institute is excited to bring the conversation of diaspora to a new platform. Through conversations with individuals from diverse communities, Dispersion celebrates the experiences of Canadians living away from, and returning to, their homeland, and explores important theories and topics related to diaspora and transnational studies. By bringing these conversations to new audiences, Dispersion aims to challenge stereotypes and discrimination, and bring people together.

Season 1 of Dispersion features guests from a variety of cultural, professional, and disciplinary backgrounds, and covers topics ranging from defining diaspora, to return migration, to cross-generational identity and cultural education, to artistic representations of diaspora experiences. 

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