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Dear H-Decol Subscribers,
This is just a friendly reminder that H-Decol is seeking to expand its team of volunteer editors. When we created H-Decol we envisioned it becoming a dynamic online forum with the ability to produce diverse kinds of content, including blog posts, essays, GIS-indexed maps, timelines, book reviews, and more. The current editors have been unable to keep up with the list due to other commitments and would like to recruit new volunteer editors to help fulfill this vision of making H-Decol a valued resource for scholars of decolonization. For this round of recruitment, we are particularly interested in the following positions, although scholars should always feel welcome to reach out to us for an informal conversation. We offer excellent ways for scholars of all ranks to gain experience, shape our field of study, and develop their professional profiles.

Announcement Specialists: we are looking for at least two editors who can help identify, moderate, and approve relevant academic announcements for our subscribers. Announcement specialists can easily locate relevant announcements by browsing H-Announce and by watching our moderation queue, to which our subscribers send messages. This work is light and routine, and can usually be handled in less than an hour a week and provides a broad view of our field of study. 

Subscription Manager: we are looking for a scholar who can approve new subscriptions to our network and work on outreach to our subscribers, including through a brief monthly interview, conducted via email.

Resources Editor: we are looking for an editor or editors who can help compile information about key resources in our field of study into an easy-to-browse, permanent webpage. This can include information about archives, journals, graduate programs, digital projects and more. H-Net can provide guidance and references to similar projects.
Qualifications: All H-Decol editors should be actively engaged in research and/or teaching the history of decolonization, broadly defined, and either have a Ph.D. or be enrolled in a Ph.D. program.

If interested in volunteering, please send 1) 200 words about your expertise, how you envision contributing, and a pragmatic assessment of your availability; and 2) a current C.V. to editorial-decol@mail.h-net.org by Monday, December 16. Please also be prepared to provide a reference upon request.

Best wishes, Stefanie Wichhart

H-Decol List Editor

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