New book out! Sentient Ecologies. Xenophobic Imaginaries of Landscape (Berghahn Books, 2022)

Alexandra Cotofana's picture
Happy to announce our edited volume, Sentient Ecologies. Xenophobic Imaginaries of Landscape is out as part of the Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobiology Berghahn Books series.
The manuscript provides case studies from all over the world, meant to deromanticize the notion of sentient landscapes, and to introduce perspectives where sentient landscape can be understood as xenophobic.

Employing methodological perspectives from the fields of political geography, environmental studies, anthropology, and their cognate disciplines, this volume explores alternative logics of sentient landscapes as racist, xenophobic, and right-wing. While the field of sentient landscapes has gained critical attention, the literature rarely seems to question the intentionality of sentient landscapes, which are often romanticized as pure, good, and just, and perceived as protectors of those who are powerless, indigenous, and colonized. The book takes a new stance on sentient landscapes with the intention of dispelling the denial of “coevalness” represented by their scholarly romanticization.


Alexandra Coțofană is Assistant Professor of Social Sciences at Zayed University Abu Dhabi. Her publications include Religion and Magic in Socialist and Post-Socialist Contexts, in two volumes (2017, Columbia University Press, with James N. Nyce).

Hikmet Kuran is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts, Department of City and Regional Planning at Cappadocia University in Turkey.