Time and Women Inventors Disc/Nov 1997


Time and Women Inventors Disc/Nov 1997


Query from Loni Bramson-Lerche Loni.BramsonLerche@ping.be 24 Nov 1997

On Friday we received a copy of *Time* magazine's special issue. I was a bit surprised to see the title -- "The New Age of Discovery, a celebration of mankind's exploration of the unknown". Then I looked at the time line on pages 17 and 18. This time line gives all the important inventions, discoveries, and inventors (according to the editors, of course). I was no longer surprised by the title. According to *Time* not a single woman invented or discovered anything important enough for them to list.

This reminded me of Dale Spender's *Women of Ideas*! Has this H-Net list ever written a joint letter? I think this would be a good occasion to do so.


From Michelle Kilbourne kilbournemme@conrad.appstate.edu 25 Nov 1997

...Part of the problem is right there [in the title]: we are humans, not men.

From Lauren Coodley laurenil@napanet.net 25 Nov 1997

Is there an e-mail address for Time magazine? Are there no women working there who question the lack of women inventors? What women work for Time these days, and how does that affect the depiction of women's accomplishments. The illustrates the desperate need for k-12 inclusion of women into the curriculum.

From Ruby Rorhlich rohrlich@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu 25 Nov 1997

The title, after all, was MANKIND'S celebration,etc.

From Raymond Cormier rcormier@longwood.lwc.edu 25 Nov 1997


From Genevieve G McBride gmcbride@csd.uwm.edu 26 Nov 1997

For any media addresses, try starting at http://www.newslink.org

As to the news magazine workplace for women,there are many studies which suggest that lacking critical mass and/or advancement, those in lower positions are hardly likely to question status-quo thinking for good reasons. It is a field in which job security is more tenuous than ever these days.

....Seriously, yes, we do need women's studies in K-12, not just in higher education, to accomplish any progress. In part because in K-12, boys who will grow up to run Time magazine will be taught it, too. They are not likely to take women's studies courses at the college level. And, in reference to a recent thread's resistance to women's studies work in other courses, many really resent its introduction into media studies...