Songs about Domestic Violence Discussion/Aug. 1997


Songs about Domestic Violence Discussion/Aug. 1997


From:{See sender's address below.] 21 Aug 1997

Another wonderful song about domestic violence can be found on Janis Ian's 1992 CD, Breaking Silence, particularly the song "His Hands"; for example, the verse, "His hands, they never hit me sober / His hands, they
never marked my face / [...] I would rather be deaf / than hear that sound / Like a pistol cracking / as the spirit breaks /and love comes tumbling down". Also, on Tracy Chapman's self-titled album (1988), "Behind the Wall".

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Responses on 22 Aug 1997:

From Larisa Kofman

I think the name of the woman who sings "Independence Day" is Martina McBride.

From Amy Elaine Wakeland or Hi all. The song "Independence Day" that Amy Speer mentions is performed by
Martina McBride (and written by Gretchen Peters). You can find it on McBride's _The Way That I Am_ CD.

From Bud Burkhard

Unless we are thinking of different songs, Independence Day is a song by Bruce Springsteen...

From Amy Sara Clark

On the popular music representations of domestic violence there is also Suzanne Vega's "My Name is Luka" and I think Paula Cole's *1st* album, "Harbinger" has a song about it.

From Heather Tanner

There is also Suzanne Vega's song, the title of which I believe is "My name is Lucca".

Responses on 25 Aug 1997

From Katie Holmes kho; Another song on domestic violence is Toni Childs' 'I've got to go now'.

From Lucinda McGinn

Toni Childs has the song "I've Got to Go Now" on her album "House of Hope."

The lyrics start out

'This man I married is buried deep,
And the more I try to wake him, the more he sleeps I used to think I knew this man
With tenderness, not the back of his hand.'

And the song is about leaving and making it a finality -

'I can't come back here anymore,
And I know it and I know it'

From Allison Helper

There is also a country/western song by a woman singer called "Independence
Day" about domestic violence and the accompanying video is very good about a multitude of issues around domestic vioence.

Responses from August 29, 1997:

From Miguel Juarez

On the subject of Teaching/Poetry About Domestic Violence, I would include Catie Curtis' song "The Wolf," off the Women's Work compilation (Putumayo World Music). The Wolf is from Curtis' "Truth About Lies" (Guardian Records). The song is about violence against women from a child's perspective. Putumayo World Music's site is:

From Elaine S. Caldbeck

Canadian Folk/Rock singer Connie Kaldor has a CD, "Gentle of Heart," with several songs that have domestic violence as the theme. Directly on the subject is the song "One Hit Leads to Another." Lines from it include: "Well I got a baby growing inside me now ... We're gonna run till we get somewhere, That the door don't get kicked in ..."

Also pertinent to women's pain on that CD are the title song "Gentle of Heart" which is about loving someone who doesn't love you back. "I go out Walking" is about being " love with a pack of lies." Likewise, "Rage Inside" seems to be about a woman being stuck in the rage that comes from being so deeply hurt - an outcome that is not helpful for her either.

Just as interesting is that mixed in with these angry songs are one or two songs with themes of successful passionate love!