Texas Clubwomen Discussion/May 1997


Texas Clubwomen Discussion/May 1997

Query From Julie Bonin via Genevieve G. McBride gmcbride@csd.uwm.edu 16 May 1997

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Julie Bonin, a reporter at the Austin (Texas) American Statesman, is researching a story on the 100th anniversary of women's reading clubs in her area and requested help through Prof-Net. I replied, as did others who have researched the topic at national and local levels, but she would also greatly appreciate any guidance to scholars, books,etc. specifically on Texas club women. Please fell free to contact her at 512-445-3602 or to me, and I will forward info.

If any on this list are in Women's Studies at U of Texas-Austin, she is now attempting to contact you, at my suggestion. Please also feel free to contact her directly; I know she's heading toward deadline.


From Cynthia Beeman cbeeman@access.texas.gov 16 May 1997

The Texas Historical Commission[Austin] has placed a number of historical markers dealing with women's clubs throughout the state, including one in Borger (in the Panhandle) that used an innovative plan to raise money for books as well as with another problem in the oil boom town. The two pressing needs were (1) books for the library organized by the Twentieth Century Club and (2) a way to rid the town of a rat infestation. So, the local movie theater owner advertised a special evening at which anyone could get in to see the show for the admission price of either a book for the library or the tails of ten dead rats. We have a number of historical marker files if Julie wants to come look at them---I'll give her a call.

From Kim Clark kc0004@jove.acs.unt.edu 16 May 1997

I attended Austin College in Sherman, texas. One of the sororities there was founded as a literary society. I can't remember if it was Kappa Kappa Gamma or the Alpha's. You could probably contact someone in Student Life who could put you in touch with the sorority. The college also maintains an archive. The number for the campus operator is 903-813-2000. I hope this information is helpful. I also believe Dr. Light Cummins, a history professor at A.C. has written a history of the college.

From Penny Waterstone pennywat@ccit.arizona.edu 16 May 1997

To put the experience of southern women and the emergence of women's clubs in context, Elizabeth Hayes Turner's diss. is very helpful. "Women's Culture and Community: Religion and Reform in Galveston, 1880-1920, Ph.D. History, Rice University, 1990."

From Elizabeth Snapp A_Snapp@venus.twu.edu 16 May 1997

Texas Woman's University is the archive for the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs and is a rich resource for Julie's study. I'll ask the head of our Women's Collection, Dawn Letson, to give her a call. TWU is also the archive for the American Association of University Women, Texas Division, and I believe some of the branches have had organized reading clubs. TWU is also the archive for Delta Kappa Gamma, Texas Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, etc. We would love for Julie to visit the TWU archives for her research as well as anyone else for whom our collections re: Texas women would be a fit!

She may also find my book: _Read All About Her! Texas Women's History: A Working Bibliography_(1995) of great help to her. Copies are now in most major Texas libraries and Julie will find a copy at both the Center for American History (UT) and at the Austin Public Library. This 1070 page bibliography lists manuscript collections, books, journal articles, theses, dissertations, etc., arranged by author, title, and subject. A new edition is also in the works for publication by the year 2000. (Queries re this work should be sent directly to me at Box 424053, Denton, Texas 76204 or at my e-mail.[see above]

From Korina Adkins whrc@gfwc.org 19 May 1997

Perhaps she should look at our web page: http://www.gfwc.org/whrc.htm It will offer some information about the General Federation of Women's Clubs. There she may find some current information on women's clubs. She may contact us here at the Women's History and Resource Center of GFWC for background about women's clubs, from a national perspective at:

General Federation of Women's Clubs
Women's History and Resource Center
1734 N St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20036

Also, the records of the Texas Federation of Women are held at:

Texas Woman's University
Blagg-Huey Library
P.O.Box 23715
Denton, TX 76204
attn: E;Elizabeth Snapp, Director

For the archives of individual clubs, we may refer her to the appropriate location.