African-American Old Age Homes Discussion/ Feb 1998


African-American Old Age Homes Discussion/ Feb 1998


Query From Sara Shoenfeld 18 Feb 1998

I'm writing an MA thesis on The Home for Aged Colored Women, est in Boston in 1861 by a grp of well-to-do Bostonians, men and women, almost all of them white.

While I know there has been some work done on 'self-help' orgs est by African American women, do others know of homes that were run by whites but whose residents had to be African American? I know there were schools and orphanages like this but I am particularly interested in whether anyone knows of other old age homes like this. (besides the one in Philly run by Quakers on which a book has been written).


From Carol Faulkner 19 Feb 1998

There was a home established in Washington D.C. after the Civil War called the Home for Aged Colored Women and Children. It was part of a network of charities including the Freedmen's Village that received the support of the Freedman Bureau. I believe it was founded and run by white women. I don't think anything has been written on it. You may want to check John Allan Johnston's book on Washington, D.C. or any of the books, including _The Secret City_ by Constance Green. I know of this institution from the Freedmen's Bureau papers.

From Lee 19 Feb 1998

You might want to contact Jim and Lois Horton who did "Black Bostonians." They are at "" They probably have a sense of who has done what, if they can't help themselves.