Suggested Readings on Women in U.S. Politics


Bibliography: U.S. Women and Politics


Other Suggested Readings for U.S. Women & politics:

Cott, Nancy _The Grounding of Modern Feminism_

Evans _Personal Politics_

Giddings, Paula _When and Where I Enter_

Githins, Norris, and Loenduski, Eds _Different Roles, Different Voices_

Gordon      _Pitied But Not Entitled_
                   _Woman's Body, Woman's Right_

Harrison _On Account of Sex_

Hartmann _Margin to Mainstream_

Mathews and DeHart _Sex, Gender and the Politics of the ERA_

Meyerowitz _Not June Cleaver_

Mills _This Little Light of Mine_

Perry, Elisabeth I., Kristie Miller and Melanie Gustafson, Eds. _We Have Come To Stay: American Women and Political Parties, 1880-1960_(Albuquerque,NM: U of New Mexico Press, 1999 [forthcoming])

Robinson _The Montgomery Bus Boycott_

Ware, Carolyn _Beyond Suffrage_

Wheeler _One Woman, One Vote_

Witt, Paget & Matthews, Eds. _Running As A Woman_

Also: Consider selections from classic articles: Swerdlow's "Women's Strike for Peace," Paula Baker's "The Domestication of Politics," and some selections from _We Specialize in the Wholly Impossible_