Discussion of Cohen, et. al. _Women Transforming Politics_ and Rose's Review (June 1998)


_Women Transforming U.S. Politics_ Discussion of Cohen's Work and Rose's Review (June 1998)

Query From Genie K. Potter 17 June 1998

Elizabeth Rose says in her review of Cohen's book..."Historians will probably
want to look elsewhere for books for courses on women and politics..." What books does Rose suggest?

Response from Elizabeth Rose elizabeth.rose@vanderbilt.edu 17 June 1998

Some suggestions for edited volumes on the history of U.S. women and politics
would be:

Blee, Kathleen, Ed. _No Middle Ground: Women and Radical Protest_,1998

Hewitt, Nancy and Suzanne Lebsock, Eds. _Visible Women: new Essays on American Activism_,1993

Jetter, Alexis, Annelise Orleck and Diana Taylor, Eds. _The Politics of Motherhood: Activist Voices From Left to Right_, 1997

Moses, Claire and Heidi Hartmann, Eds. _U.S. Women in Struggle: A Feminist Studies Anthology_, 1995

Tilly, Louise and Patricia Gurin, Eds. _Women, Politics and Change_,1990

There are, of course, many excellent monographs, biographies, etc., which may be useful for a course on the history of U.S. women and politics. I'd be interested in hearing what books other people have used.