Conference of Socialist Women-1915 Discussion/ March 1998


Conference of Socialist Women-1915 Discussion/ March 1998

Query From Christine Ehrick 26 Mar 1998

I am looking for documents or literature pertaining to the International Conference of Socialist Women held in Berne in 1915 and organized by Clara Zetkin. Specifically, I am looking for names of delegates who participated in the conference. Any leads would be most appreciated. Thanks.


From Miranda Morris 30 Mar 1998

I'm not sure of a conference in Berne in 1915- According to Anne Wiltsher in Most Dangerous Women; Feminist Peace Campaigners of the Great War the Women's International Congresses were held in Hague in April 1915, Berne April 1918 and February 1919, Zurich April 1919. Was there a subsidiary meeting in Berne in 1915 perhaps? Wiltsher does indicate some of the delegates, and talks about meetings that occurred at a national level in between the congresses. I too would be very interested to know about any congresses held in Berne; also the location of those meetings. The 1918 one was organised by Ros(z)ika Schwimmer who was first ever woman ambassador.She represented Hungary during its brief spell between the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Bolshevik take over (It was under the democratic liberal rule of Count Karolyi Nov 1918 -) She was recalled a few days before the coup and not allowed out of Hungary again.

Wiltsher says she was unable to trace how many women attended this conference but that it had delegates from Austria, Alsace, Britain (Ethel Snowden & Margaret Bondfield) , France, Hungary, Germany (A Augspurg & L.Gustava Heyman)and Lithuania.

From Ulla Wikander 03 April 1998

...I can only give you the advice to write to Gerd Callesen, (archivist) at Arbeiderbevaegelsen Bibliotek og Arkiv, Frrebrogade 66, Copenhagen. He has put together a whole volume of archival material about the Socialist Womens International Congresses, held from Stuttgart, 1907 and until the end of the Second Socialist International and I think this should belong to that volume. Minkoff in Geneve are supposed to publish the volume but have not done so now for ten years, but he should know about or have the originals.