Contemporary Feminist Heroes

Contemporary Feminist Heroes Bibliography July 1996


Query From Susan Roman 29 July 1996

During the course of writing on women, feminism, and computer technologies, my co-author and I asked ourselves the following question:

Who are our fictional (including filmic and other representational genres) feminist heroes these days?

We turn to H-Women. Who are the fictional women that we turn to with admiration and glee?(Admiration + glee = my seat of the pants definition of hero.) I'll compile a list if I get many answers. Thanks.

Response from Susan Roman 11 Nov 1996

A few months ago, I asked for help on a project for which I needed to think about who our women heroes are today. ...Many people responded privately, and here are the collected responses, for which I am very grateful. Thank you all. I apologize for not posting the listing sooner.

By far the most frequent cites were: Thelma and Louise; Patricia Cornwall's Kay Scarpetta; Sara Paretsky's V.I. Warshawski; Xena the Warrior Princess and her friend Gabrielle; Lizzie in Pride and Prejudice; Francy in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn; Shug in The Color Purple; Codi in Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Dreams; Taylor in Kingsolver's The Bean Trees; Jo March in Little Women;Anne Shirley in Anne of Green Gables; Marcia Muller's Sharon Cone; Linda Barnes's Carlotta Carlye; Katha Pollitt; Toni Morrison; Courtney Love; Margaret Atwood; Alice Walker; Molly Ivins: the lead female [Sigourney Weaver] and Marine in Aliens; Sara [Linda Hamilton] in Terminator I and II; C.J. Cherryh's Captain Signy Mallory in Downbelow Station; the lead character of Rimrunners; Ariane Emory I and II in Cyteen; Arafel in Ealdwood; Fiona in John Williams' Ambassador of Progress; K.B. Sulaiman in N. Lee Woods' Looking for the MahdiMurphy BrownCybil; Agent Scully in X-Files; Rosanne Conner in Rosanne; Jaime Buckman in Mad About You; and people lesser known to the world: a mom, a high school Spanish teacher, a thesis advisor, a friend who works for a rape crisis center.