Berks 2023 Lightning Session on History of Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence

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Seeking two (2) panelists for lightning session on emerging scholarship in history of sexual harassment and sexual violence at 2023 Berkshire Conference of Women, Genders and Sexualities from June 28 to July 2 in Santa Clara, California.

A group of early career scholars and graduate students are putting together a panel looking at new histories of sexual harassment and sexual violence, particularly in the wake of the #MeToo campaign and the spate of high profile sexual harassment accusations and trials of the late 2010s and early 2020s. We will think about how our work helps to historicize present-day activism and whether recent activism has influenced our thinking on our historical research. We will also pose questions about methodology and how we have gone about finding sexual harassment in the archives.

If interested, please contact Molly Brookfield at

Deadline for the Berks call for papers is December 31, so please respond asap to secure a place.

Lightning session description from Berks Conference site: Lightning Sessions are an opportunity for five to seven scholars to deliver very short presentations of their work (about five minutes each in length) followed by a ten to fifteen minute comment pulling together the themes of the session. This format is ideal if a group wants to explore a range of perspectives on an issue, get a broad sense of the state of the field on a topic, or offer several different answers to a larger question or problem. Lightning session organizers must submit a 250-word session abstract that describes the overall questions and goals of the session, as well as abstracts for each paper in the session. Paper abstracts, written by the individual presenters and submitted by the session organizer, should explain the presentation's argument and specific contribution to scholarship in the field.