Citizen Science Campaign: Six Weeks for Suffrage!

Marc Calvini-Lefebvre Discussion
Dear Colleagues,
May we ask for your assistance in forwarding information about our Citizen Science Campaign called "Six Weeks for Suffrage" to anyone you think might be interested?
The aim is to fill in this map of Memorials to the Women's Suffrage Movement that we've begun making.
More information about the campaign can be found here:
We hope you'll be keen to take part yourselves!
We take this opportunity to remind you that our slow e-conference on "Sites of Feminist Memory: Remembering Suffrage in Europe and the USA" opens on Friday 7 May. More information on how to attend can be found here:
We hope to see you there!
With best wishes,
Marc Calvini-Lefebvre, Claire Sorin, Amélie Bardivia & Julie Agu

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Great work ahead. Since this is a global suffrage project, I want to make sure that you’re aware of the US women’s suffrage map named the “national votes for women trail.” It can be found at this website: There are currently over 2000 sites on the map all of which were verified. Some have markers donated by the Pomeroy Foundation.

Dear Joanne,

My heartfelt apologies for never answering your reply. I'm afraid I only rarely visit H-Net and had not seen it! The work of the NVWT, of which I have indeed become aware in the meantime, is very impressive and inspiring. We will certainly be drawing on it to add relevant sites to our map as it continues (very slowly - we're running it on a shoestring) to grow.

With many thanks for taking the time to write to me at the time and apologies again for not replying.

Best wishes,