AKU-ISMC Gender in Muslim Contexts Online Summer Programme

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The nine-day course will be held online from June 28 - July 6 2021. Run by leading experts on gender and Islam, the programme will bring together scholars and students from diverse backgrounds to discuss key issues in the study of gender in Muslim contexts. 

The programme is designed in collaboration with Simon Fraser University, Centre for Compara​tive Muslim Studies, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies and will feature lecturers and guest speakers from partner institutions.​  

To apply for this course, please complete the online Application Form. The application deadline is the 16 April 2021. 

For more details, please contact alexandra.khan@au.edu​  


£300 Professionals

- £175 Students, AKU alumni, retired

Fees cover all tuition fees.​​  

​Up to five fee-waiving scholarships are available to exceptional applicants. 

To apply for the scholarship, please complete the Application Form by 31 March 2021. Scholarship applications after this date will not be considered.

There will be eight lectures in the programme, each covering a particular topic.
​​There will be group seminars that follow each lecture. The seminars are designed to provide the participants with space to engage with each lecture topic, get expert academic insights from our lecturers, ask questions and discuss the topic with fellow course participants. The seminars will include activities for the participants. Some seminars will also feature guest speakers presenting related case studies or approaches.

A reading and resources list will be provided to the registered participants. 
Participants have the option of writing an essay if they wish. This can be a reflection paper on one of the readings or personal paper on one aspect of the course. All written work must be capped at 1,500 words. Participants will receive written feedback.​

​Each participant has the option to have a 20-minute-long one-to-one tutorial session with an assigned tutor. The one-to-one sessions will be scheduled for the last day of the summer programme. The aim of the one-to-one tutorials is essentially to receive feedback and deepen the conversation on a specific topic. 

​​Module Topics

  • Understanding Gender: Key Concepts and Debates

  • Gendering Muslim Contexts 

  • Gender and Sharia

  • Violence, War and Gender 

  • Gendering Migration

  • Men and Masculinities 

  • Gender and Piety Movements 

  • Women’s Activism, Feminism and the Islamic Feminism Debate