Seeking Panelist for Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs

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I'm planning to attend Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs at Michigan State University, East Lansing, from Oct.4-6. I am looking for people who can make up an organized panel session or a roundtable session with me. 

Topic area: broad ones

I'm writing my dissertation on the first Chinese woman who obtained the medical degree in the United States, in 1885 and she pioneered in and contributed a lot to women's rights and women's medical education in China, Japan and the United States and was an expert on the study of soybean food and introduced it into American diet. She was also a Christian and served as a medical missionary for a few years. If you are interested in anything about Asian affairs including history, religion, culture, politics, immigration, social movement,women etc, it would be an learning experience and fun to attend this conference. 

The panel session requires 3-4 formal paper presenters within 15-20 minute presentation and a Roundtable is a session format at which no formal papers are presented. This format provides opportunities for participants with specific expertise to discuss with each other, and with members of the audience, issues or themes concerning a discipline or an Asian regional area. This session type consists of a chair and 4-5 panelists that serve as a discussants.  

If you are interested or have questions, feel free to contact me at I look forward to teaming up with you! 


Xiao Li 

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