Call for Panelists (Berks 2020): Radical Domesticities

Lauren Golder's picture

I am seeking participants for a panel discussing 'radical domesticities' and historical attempts to rethink domestic life at the 2020 Berkshires Conference of Women Historians (

Far from being a refuge from the working world, the so-called “private sphere” is a contested terrain shaped by gender norms that have often constrained women. This panel will consider how people have sought to reimagine home and domestic life as a liberatory space, challenging notions of what constitutes natural gender and family relationships.

Of particular interest are papers that deal with domestic life among LGBT+ people, African-Americans, utopian communities, and radical political movements, but I am of course open to papers outside of these topics as well.

My own paper will explore ideologies of domesticity in the US anarchist movement during the late-19th century, focusing on how the creation of revolutionary forms of relationships and family were largely understood as “women’s work.”

If interested, please email me with a brief description of your paper at by January 31, 2019.