ANN: New Book: Revolutionizing Expectations

I’d like to announce the publication of my book Revolutionizing Expectations: Women’s Organizations, Feminism, and American Politics, 1965-1980, by the University of Georgia Press. The book explores the 1970s women’s movement in Denver, CO, Durham, NC, and Indianapolis, IN, and tells the story not only of local NOW chapters but also the feminist activism of Leagues of Women Voters, YWCAs, and other religious women’s groups.

New Film on Native American Activist LaDonna Harris

Hi All,

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, I am attaching some information about a new film from Women Make Movies that might be of interest to you:

LADONNA HARRIS: INDIAN 101 http://www.wmm.com/filmcatalog/pages/c879.shtml

Directed by Comanche filmmaker Julianna Brannum, the film chronicles the life of activist and national civil rights leader LaDonna Harris and the role that she has played in Native and mainstream American history since the 1960s. Executive produced by Johnny Depp.

"Social Changes for Women in the German Workforce: 1945-2014"

For a course I am taking called, “The World: 1945-present,” I am writing a “change over time” paper about women in the German workforce from the end of World War II until the present. My paper, titled “Social Changes for Women in the German Workforce: 1945-2014,” will have a social perspective and focus on the different employment opportunities for women who lived in East vs. West Germany during the Cold War and how the later reunification of Germany in 1989 affected women’s work. Then, I will look at the job situation for women living in Germany today.


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