Publishing Feminisms - Call for Papers

Agatha Beins Discussion

Please consider submitting a paper proposal for the National Women's Studies Association Conference as part of the Publishing Feminisms Interest Group. 

“Publishing feminisms” encompasses a wide range of topics and areas of inquiry, including but not limited to the list below. We welcome presentations from scholars, activists, creators in all fields; from students, faculty, publishers, content creators, and publishing activists.
-- How people within publishing have pushed back against the (white, Western, Eurocentric, patriarchal) norms
-- How people through their published works have pushed back against the (white, Western, Eurocentric, patriarchal) norms
-- Questions about genres, canons, and textual forms
-- Politics / processes of publishing, history of the book
-- How publications have changed over time in their material forms, the ways they’ve been interpreted and used, how they've circulated and been censored
-- Underground/alternative publishing
-- Digital publishing, social media as publishing
-- Teaching about publishing
-- Your experiences working on publications / within the publishing industry

Publishing as a feminist praxis engages a number of points outlined in the main conference CFP: publishing and publications have long been central to movements for liberation and to imagining liberatory worlds. The texts we create, edit, and circulate also help us do important and difficult solidarity work, giving us paths to "cross those lines to freedom, to traverse the many borders, binaries and boundaries that separate us, to bridge those gaps across generations, to flip the scripts that confine our identities, and to build coalitions around our differences."

This year, we're focusing on two sub-themes, and we'll propose 1 or 2 panels depending on the response:

Sub-theme 3: Revisiting, Reclaiming & Re-imagining: Past, Present, Future
Sub-theme 6: Creativity as Dissidence & Resistance 

If you’re interested in presenting, please complete this form by March 12. And if you have any questions, you're welcome to contact me at