Call for Writers: Women's Studies series

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Gibbs Smith Education is now seeking contributors to a forthcoming series on Women’s Studies for high school students. The series will focus on women and their experiences in US history. (We have also recently announced two other series, one on Ethnic Studies, the other for Latino/Caribbean Studies.)

Topics for the Women’s Studies series will likely fall under the following general themes:

UNIT 1: Identity—How gender is socially constructed and how gender roles and expectations have changed over time
UNIT 2: Economics—How economic policies and practices have shaped life for women in the United States
UNIT 3: Leadership—How women have served as leaders in US history and fought against inequality in a variety of areas, including civil rights and employment
UNIT 4: Culture—How women have shaped and been shaped by US culture, including media, religion, beauty standards, etc. 
UNIT 5: Contemporary Issues—How women are impacted by gender inequality and discrimination today, in areas such as education and health care, both in the United States and around the world

We are particularly interested in hearing from people with backgrounds in Women's History and Women and Gender Studies. Letters of interest are also welcome from graduate students, post-doctoral students, professors, K–12 educators, and public history professionals. Strong writing skills and an ability to meet deadlines are essential, as are reliable research skills. Applicants will be asked to respond to a short writing prompt beforehand.

The deadline for signing on to the project is January 4, 2023. 

Requested pieces for accepted writers will be as long as approximately 12,500 total words per submission. Once a topic has been assigned, contributors will have approximately a month to write sections. Each contributor will be paid per submission. 

Interested contributors should contact Bart King. Please include a short bio or attached résumé:

More information on Gibbs Smith Education, our mission, and our other texts can be found here:

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