Shirley Chisholm bio/Anastasia Curwood Spring 2023 Events

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I'm writing because our friend Anastasia Curwood's biography, Shirley Chisholm: Champion of Black Feminist Political Power will be out in January and I'm booking her Spring 2023 events. My hope is that your colleagues would be interested in bringing her to campus. Curwood's speaking fee is reasonable and includes a public lecture, a book signing, and a class or campus group visit (which we can discuss). 

Early reviews of Shirley Chisholm: Champion of Black Feminist Political Power are stellar: 

“Curwood beautifully captures Shirley Chisholm as the powerful force that inspires countless Black women in Congress—including me. The Black womanist power politics that Chisholm championed fueled Black and women’s movements for justice. This biography illustrates both how far we’ve come—and how far we have yet to go for true equality.”--Congresswoman Nikema Williams

"This brilliant, definitive biography of Shirley Chisholm establishes her as the quintessential architect of Black feminist politics in the twentieth century. Anastasia Curwood meticulously traces the origins and complexities of Chisholm’s political career, her pioneering involvement in the Black freedom struggle, and her essential role in the contemporary women’s movement. Chisholm emerges in Curwood’s extraordinary portrait as a model of radical, intersectional, antiracist feminist activism. Thanks to this book, Chisholm’s unparalleled legacy is now secure."—Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Spelman College

Pairing Curwood's visit with a screening of Shola Lynch's masterful film "Chisholm '72" or a conversation about 1970s feminisms would be excellent programming that can draw a number of departments and groups in for sponsorship. I hope you'll consider keeping Chisholm's legacy by inviting Curwood to speak and share this intellectual biography with all of you. Contact me directly with any questions; I'm happy to respond and get her on your calendar!

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