TOC: The Americas,  79:1 (January 2022)

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TOC: The Americas,  79:1 (January 2022)


Olko, Justyna. “Remote stories, local meanings. Knowledge transfer and acculturation strategies in Nahua socio-cultural history.” Pp. 3-35.

Murray, Pamela. “Women, Partisan Politics and the Federalist War in Colombia, c. 1859-1862.” Pp. 37-66.

Guiteras Mombiola, Anna. “The ‘Indian Question’ in the Bolivian Amazon: School Centers of Casarabe and Moré.” Pp. 67-100 (Open Access)

Culpepper, Miles. “The Exile of Juan José Arévalo and the Decline of Guatemala’s Democratic Left, 1954-1963.” Pp. 101-130.

Conniff, Michael. “In Memoriam: Frank D. McCann. Remembering Frank D. McCann, Brasilianista Extraordinaire.” Pp. 131-133.



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