ANN: New CLAH Teaching Prize

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Dear colleagues,

As we enter another spring of uncertain teaching modalities, the pedagogical work we have all done these last years is worth recognizing and celebrating. Whether teaching masked in-person, recording asynchronous lectures, or setting up hybrid classrooms that work as well on a phone as face-to-face, we have had to experiment, innovate, and reflect on our teaching more than ever before.

In this vein, I am pleased to announce a campaign to endow a CLAH Teaching Prize to be awarded alongside our prizes for service and research. The CLAH’s stated purpose is to “encourage the diffusion of knowledge about Latin America through fostering the study and improving the teaching of Latin American history.” By celebrating teaching, the award will continue the CLAH’s efforts to recognize the contributions of members irrespective of academic rank and position. The award will require at least three years of teaching experience but will be open to anyone teaching in a post-secondary context, no matter the nature of their appointment.

The Teaching Prize will build on the success of the Syllabus Prize, now in its fifth and final year of anonymous funding. Like the Syllabus Prize, the Teaching Prize will encourage the sharing of teaching materials - syllabi, lesson plans, assignments, activities, resources, and more - via the CLAH website as well as through opportunities to lead sessions on pedagogy at the annual conference or online. You can see a preliminary prize description here.

To permanently endow the prize, we need at least $12,000 in donations. With the support of the CLAH Council and numerous past CLAH presidents and Distinguished Service Award winners, we have already secured pledges of more than $4,000. With the aim of launching the prize in 2023, with the first award to be granted at the 2024 CLAH Luncheon, I ask you to consider donating whatever you can to our efforts.

The easiest way to donate is through the CLAH website, accessible here. A donation via the CLAH Prizes & Awards button will be held in reserve for the Teaching Prize until it is fully funded. If you would like to donate by check, please include “Teaching Prize” on the memo line. Finally, if you would rather wait to send your donation until we have pledges and donations equal to the required endowment, send me an email at

Thanks to the General Council for their enthusiasm, to our anonymous donor for funding the Syllabus Prize these past years, and to all who have taken part in making the Teaching & Teaching Materials Section a fruitful space of mutual learning and support. I look forward to celebrating our contributions in the classroom at CLAH luncheons for years to come!

Casey Lurtz, Past Chair, Teaching & Teaching Materials Section
Carlos Dimas, Chair, Teaching & Teaching Materials Section
Ángeles Picone, Secretary, Teaching & Teaching Materials Section


Ed. note - apologies to anyone receiving this twice as it has been posted to both the CLAH list and H-Latam