QUERY: Hiring a researcher for the Arquivos Nacional in Brazil

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Good evening. I'm based in London, and there's a single 57-page document in the Brazilian national archives, in Rio de Janeiro, which I'm keen to consult (unclear whether it's paper or microfilm). I have the file reference but sadly it's not digitised. Does anyone have any experience of hiring a local researcher/ any recommendations?

best wishes from the UK!

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Hi Gabriel,

If you haven't found anyone yet, I might be able to put you in contact with people interested in that.


Hi Gabriel.

I am from Brazil and what we I advise you to do is to join Facebook groups from academics; for example, I am in the "Antropólog@s & Antropologias" and there you can find people who live in Rio and would be willing to do that. That would be the best way.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.

Cheers from the US

Hi Gabriel,
I can help you find a local researcher in Rio. Send me an email at michael.rom@protonmail.com.

Hello Gabriel,

Archival research in Rio is quite limited at the moment according to what I've been able to gather. The Arquivo Nacional, for instance, has yet to fully reopen. That said, one of the most knowledgeable local researchers, Eduardo Cavalcante, who is familiar with pretty much all the archives in Rio, might be able to help. You may write to him in Portuguese at cvlcnt@hotmail.com.

Be well,
José Juan

Hi Gabriel,

I'd highly recommend Eduardo Cavalcante. He's a Rio-based freelance archival researcher who knows the Arquivo Nacional better than anyone else. He's also a lovely person.

His email address is: cvlcnt@uol.com.br

Best of luck,


Thank you all for your advice, much appreciated!