ANN: XVI Meeting of International Historians of Mexico, Deadline Approaching and Statement about Visas

Matthew Butler Discussion

We remind all those interested in presenting a paper at the Congress that the deadline for submitting paper and panel proposals is 31 October this year.


The congress will be in person. The Organizing Committee, knowing that the wait time for a visa appointment at the United States Embassy or Consulates has grown longer because of the pandemic, and that there is no guarantee of a favorable or timely response, will endeavor to establish communication with consular authorities in order to make them aware of the situation and request their help in order that presenters may obtain the necessary visa and attend the event. For that reason, the committee asks that presenters whose proposals have been accepted but who do not have a visa that is current for the dates of the Congress, should notify the committee as soon as possible following the publication of the results of the call for papers if, after requesting an appointment, they did not receive one far enough in advance for them to travel.


Organizing Committee