CFP: LASA 2022 Panel - Reframing Crisis in Contemporary Latin American Literature

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Call for Papers
August 20, 2021
United States
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Chicana/o History / Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Literature

We invite you to submit an abstract to the proposed panel, “Reframing Crisis in Contemporary Latin American Literature.” This panel examines the ways in which literature and culture from 20th and 21st-Century Latin(o) America represent and respond to disparate—yet interrelated—crises of the present epoch, including climate, ecological, economic, and migrant crises.

We seek papers that analyze how literary and cultural texts (including film, narrative, poetry, visual arts, etc.) represent and denaturalize the notion of crisis as a means of critiquing structures of power in the region. Collectively, we will think through the cyclical nature of crisis, and the ways in which capitalism feeds on and is reinforced by the logic of crisis. Topics may include, but are not limited to: extractivism, environmental degradation; migration, migrants, refugees; climate change, global warming; the nonhuman; Capitalocene, Anthropocene, Chuthulucene (Haraway), Disaster Capitalism (Klein); financial speculation, economic crash, scarcity, austerity; political polarization, unrest.

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