CFP: American Society for Ethnohistory panel 2021

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I hope to present a paper at the American Society for Ethnohistory conference 2021 and wonder if anyone is interested in forming a small panel on a related topic (details below).

TITLE OF PAPER: The Convent and the Cross: Day of the Holy Cross in Huaquechula, Mexico.

ABSTRACT: In 1804, Huaquechula entered into a legal dispute over water with the Convent of San Francisco. In 1806, a cross mysteriously appeared on the river bank on the outskirts of town. The archival documents lead one to believe that the two events were unrelated but recent fieldwork suggests otherwise. This paper summarizes the events by placing them within the context of social memory--the celebration of the Holy Cross in Huaquechula, Mexico.

Avis Mysyk (Senior Scholar), School of Arts and Social Sciences, Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia, Canada.