ANN: Podcasts of Interest to Latin American Historians to Feb. 15, 2021

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Podcasts of Interest to Latin Americanists to Feb. 15, 2021


Camilla Townsend – Fifth Sun: A New History of the Aztecs


R. Alan Covey - Inca Apocalypse: The Spanish Conquest and the Transformation of the Andean World


Daniel A. Rodríguez – The Right to Live in Health: Medical Politics in Postindependence Havana


Christy Thornton – Revolution in Development: Mexico and the Governance of the Global Economy


Wade Davis – Magdalena, River of Dreams: A Story of Colombia


Milla Cozart Riggio, Angela Marino, and Paolo Vignolo – Festive Devils of the Americas



Stuff You Missed in History Class –


“Julio Tello, Peru’s Archaeological Trail Blazer”



This Day in History Class


Feb. 16, 1959 Fidel Castro sworn in as Cuban prime minister


Feb. 9, 1909 Carmen Miranda born in Portugal


Feb. 3, 1953 Batepá massacre


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