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Podcast of Interest to Latin American Historians to --- Nov. 15



To begin this summary of podcasts, I want to thank Andrew Kettler of H-Atlantic who began providing such a summary to subscribers there.  I was so impressed with his work that I felt that imitation would be the highest form of flattery.  Andrew provides insightful comments and a pithy introduction to his regular postings.  Something which, unfortunately, I have not emulated.  Quite simply, congratulations to Andrew.  I read his posts eagerly and borrow many of his relevant content.


This Day in History:

11/16/1532 – Battle of Cajamarca


11/15/1864 – Pedro II Deposed


11/14/1817 Policarpa Salvarrieta executed


10/23/1739 War of Jenkins’ Ear


10/19/1944 Attack on Guatemalan National Palace


10/15/1585 Gregorian Calendar Introduced



The Dig Podcast – “The Sacred Bark: A History of Quinine”


History of the The Atlantic World – “Mapping an Atlantic World: Interview with Alida Metcalf”




New Books Network

Micha Rahder – A Ecology of Knowledges: Fear, Love, and Technoscience in Guatemalan Forest Conservation


Julia Gibbings – Our Time is Now: Race and Modernity in Postcolonial Guatemala


Kristina M. Lyons – Vital Decomposition: Soil Practitioners and Life Politics


New Books Network offered an interesting episode on geographical and infrastructural planning with Eric Rutkow’s The Longest Line on the Map: The United States, the Pan-American Highway, and the Quest to Link the Americas.


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